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The Benefits Of Black Seed Oil For Hair

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Black seed oil

If you’re looking for a natural way to improve the health of your hair, Black seed oil is a great option. The benefits of black seed oil for hair and other health problems are immense.

This oil is derived from the seeds of the Nigella sativa plant, and it has a host of benefits for your hair. Black seed oil can help to improve hair growth because it contains compounds that stimulate hair follicles. It can also help to prevent hair loss because it strengthens the hair shaft and prevents breakage. This oil is also great for your scalp, as it can help to reduce inflammation and fight dandruff. Plus, it’s an excellent conditioner, because it can help to soften and tame frizzy hair.

What Is Black Seed Oil?

Black seed oil is derived from the seeds of the Nigella Sativa plant found extensively in Eastern Europe and popular in the middle eastern areas.

The other names commonly used for the plant are Kalonji, Roman Coriander, Black Caraway, Fennel Flower, Black Cumin, and Nutmeg Flower.

Nigella Sativa Flower
Black Seeds from the Nigella Sativa PLant.

The seeds of the flower from which the oil is pressed are black and hence the name Black Seed Oil. The oil that is produced from the pressing of these seeds is a brownish color and not black, although it is often sold in dark or black bottles for the marketing effect.

Black Seed Oil has a pleasant fragrance and can be used as a salad dressing. The heating of the oil is not recommended as it tends to lose its nutritional benefits when heated.

Black seeds are often included in Some Eastern cultures’ cuisine as a spice. It is used in curries, naan bread, and various other foods due to its distinctive powerful, and peppery flavor with hints of oregano and nutmeg fragrances.

The seeds are also a popular ingredient in various spice mixtures.

Potential Health Benefits of Black Seed Oil For Hair.

Black seed oil is well known for its many potential health benefits which include lowering blood sugar levels, treating asthma, weight loss, reducing blood pressure and harmful cholesterol, protecting brain health, and improving skin conditions such as dry skin, acne, eczema, and psoriasis. The oil is also anti-inflammatory so it is helpful for reducing the effects of rheumatoid arthritis. The anti-fungal qualities also help to protect against various infections.

However, the main health benefit that we are interested in for this article is the benefit of black seed oil for your hair.

Black seed oil contains linoleic acid, myristic acid, oleic acid, and palmitic acid together with various other nutrients such as Vitamins B, C, Calcium, Iron, Copper, Phosphorous, and Zinc.

When rubbed into the scalp as a hair treatment, these nutrients are absorbed and fed into the hair follicles, strengthening them and allowing valuable nutrition and oils to be fed through the shaft of your hair. Black seed oil locks in the moisture and as a result your hair will have a natural shine from the oils held within the shaft. The roots of your hair grow stronger and deeper resulting in a reduction of hair fall, increased hair thickness, and more rapid hair growth.

The anti-fungal properties of black seed oil help to fight and reduce infections of the scalp that can result in hair loss. Likewise, the anti-inflammatory properties of the oil reduce barriers to increased hair growth while its anti-oxidant properties help to reduce the harmful effects that oxidization has on your hair.

The oil, when massaged into your scalp, increases blood circulation which results in the follicles of your hair receiving increased nutrition. The increased blood flow to your hair root results in stronger and faster hair growth and healthy shiny hair.

Is Black Seed Oil Clinically Proven To Boost Hair Growth?

While many herbal products have never undergone any form of realistic scientific studies to back the health benefits claimed, Black seed oil has been clinically proven to boost hair growth.

A study conducted in 2014 – Click Here

A study conducted in 2013 – Click Here

Another study conducted in 2014 – Click Here

More evidence – Click Here

How to apply Black Seed Oil

Benefits of black seed oil for hair

Take approximately 1 to ml of black seed oil and apply it directly to your scalp. Gently massage the oil into your scalp so that the massage also helps to increase absorption of the oil and increase blood circulation. Do not massage too hard as this could result in damage to the hair shafts.

Leave it on your head for at least half to one hour. Wash your hair with a mild shampoo. You may find that your hair does not need a conditioner or alternatively light condition your hair as per your normal habit.


Black seed oil is a really useful and completely natural treatment for hair loss and for new hair growth. However, the best results are achieved when using black seed oil combined with other natural ingredients that work synergistically together to promote hair growth and hair health.

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