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P133 Hair Growth Stimulant


P133 is taking the market by storm. The all-natural hair growth stimulant consists of a 2 part treatment consisting of 100ml Hair Oil and 200ml Hair Mist.

When used as directed, P133 will strengthen your hair, reduce hair fallout and increase hair volume.

Can you afford not to use it!

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The incredible P133 hair growth treatment is simply amazing.

Clinically proven ingredients to strengthen hair, improve growth and give your hair an amazing shine.

What P133 hair growth stimulant does

Full volume hair P133 is a 100% natural product that is applied directly to your scalp.

The nutrients feed directly to your hair roots which stimulates growth and increases the strength of your hair.

It is almost like fertilizing your grass – the more fertilizer you use, the greener your grass.

Secondly, the treatment increases blood circulation in your scalp area. Your hair roots need good blood circulation to continue to grow and increase in qty and strength.

P133 hair growth stimulant is a 2 pronged treatment – the hair oil is used before washing your hair and the hair mist is used on a daily basis.

P133 Hair Oil

P133 hair oilA special blend of emollient oils that have been proven to increase hair growth, hair strength, and hair volume.

The oils have been carefully chosen and blended to work synergistically to boost your hair to the maximum. You will notice the difference after the very first use.

In fact, they are so effective that you may find that you do not even need conditioner when you wash your hair. Your hair becomes so soft and lush.

Ideally, the hair oil should be used at least 3 times per week. Apply 1 to 2ml direct to your scalp half an hour to 1 hour before you are going to wash your hair. Massage the oil gently into your scalp.

You may experience a slight warming of your scalp. This is due to the stimulated blood circulation in your scalp area.

Wash your hair as normal.

P133 Hair Mist

P133 Hair MistP133 hair mist is applied daily and is left in your hair or on your scalp. Do not overspray as it is extremely strong and is very fragrant.

Our hair mist should be applied mainly to your scalp so that your scalp is slightly damp and not that the moisture is running off.

Massage gently into your scalp if needed. Leave on as long as possible. It is not necessary to wash the mist out of your hair.

The essential oils contained in the mist sink into your scalp and improve blood circulation, increase nutrition to the roots, and remove any barriers to increased hair growth. They have antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties and are packed with anti-oxidants. They are also rich in Vitamins A, C, and E.

Benefits of using P133 hair treatment

  • Hair grows stronger and faster.
  • Prevents hair fallout
  • Thickens hair
  • Stops itchy scalp
  • Shiny strong hair
  • Improves hair volume

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