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A Quick Guide to Male Pattern Baldness

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Typical Male Pattern Baldness

What You Need to Know About Male Pattern Baldness

Male pattern baldness (Androgenetic alopecia) is a condition that causes hair loss on the scalp. It is known to affect up to 80% of men in the United States by the time they reach 50 years of age. This percentage would be more or less average for most western countries.

Androgenetic alopecia is caused by a combination of genetics and hormones. The male sex hormone testosterone is converted to DHT (dihydrotestosterone) which can cause hair follicles to shrink and become smaller, which then leads to thinner hair, a receding hairline, and bald spots at the top of your head.

Although male pattern baldness is mainly genetic, It can also be aggravated by stress, certain medications, or other illnesses. It is important to know the causes of your hair loss in order to know how best to treat it and prevent it from getting worse.

Typical male pattern baldness

Male Pattern Baldness Causes And Treatment

Male pattern baldness is a condition in which the hair on your scalp starts to thin. The most common cause of male pattern baldness is genetic predisposition combined with age-related hormonal changes. While it is largely genetic in nature and affected by your male hormones, there are treatments that are able to slow the process and in some cases reverse the process.

DHT blockers which help to prevent the predominant male hormone, testosterone, from being converted to DHT are often prescribed.

Saw Palmetto is a 100% natural DHT blocker that is easily available from most health stores or pharmacies. Taking Saw palmetto as described will help to reduce the effects of DHT on your hair. However, in order to reverse the damage and possibly allow your hair to grow back stronger and thicker, you will need extra treatments that increase blood circulation and the supply of nutrients to your hair.

Minoxidil (Rogaine) is often prescribed for this purpose but a fairly new product that is 100% natural and safe to use has proven to be very successful. P133 is a really amazing treatment suitable for most causes of hair loss. While Minoxidil only increases blood circulation, P133 increases circulation supplies extra nutrients to your hair shaft, reduces inflammation of your scalp, combats dry scalp, and all other conditions that prevent your hair from growing back strong and healthy.

Women suffer from Female Pattern Baldness Too

Women also suffer from pattern baldness but it shows through a general thinning of hair throughout the scalp. It usually begins with an increase in hair fall especially when washing and brushing your hair. When you begin to notice that more hair than normal is falling out, it is time to take action and use a treatment such asP133.

Female pattern baldness can be a result of genetics, hormonal changes, medication, age, and a number of other conditions. From experience, I can tell you that it is extremely difficult to get a medical practitioner to take the problem that you are experiencing with your hair seriously.

You need to take matters into your own hand and use a natural hair loss treatment as soon as you begin to notice an increase in hair fall. In most cases, you will notice a drastic reduction in hair fall within the first 2 weeks.

Hair fall before and after using P133

How to Prevent Male Pattern Baldness with Diet, Exercise & Lifestyle Habits

Male pattern baldness is mainly genetic and is largely a result of the action of DHT. in order to delay or prevent the onslaught of Androgenetic alopecia you can follow the following steps.

  • Eating a healthy diet. Eating foods that are rich in zinc, vitamin A, and protein will help to prevent hair loss. You should also make sure that you are exercising regularly.
  • Massage your scalp. Take time to gently massage your scalp on a daily basis. This increases blood circulation which is crucial for maintaining healthy and strong hair.
  • Avoid harsh shampoos and conditioners. Shampoos strip natural oils and nutrients from your hair. While it is necessary to maintain good hair hygiene, overdoing it could damage your hair and result in hair loss and the early onset of male pattern baldness.
  • Use a hair treatment. Using a natural hair treatment such as P133 helps to ensure that your hair remains strong and healthy. P133 has all the ingredients necessary to prevent hair loss and to keep your hair and scalp in a healthy condition. As a preventative measure use P133 once to twice weekly.

The Best Hair Regrowth Products for Men With Male Pattern Baldness

The most prescribed and possibly best-known product for the treatment of male pattern baldness is Minoxidil (Rogaine). This does not mean that it is the best.

Minoxidil is a medication usually prescribed for heart conditions. It is a vasodilator that opens the blood vessels allowing blood to flow freely. When applied to your scalp it increases blood circulation which helps the hair follicles to be fed with nourishment from the blood.

P133 is a new alternative hair treatment that is 100% natural and completely safe to use and has the following properties as well.

  • Vasodilator – Increases blood circulation to feed extra nutrition to your hair follicles.
  • Anti-Oxidant – protects your hair from the harmful effects of oxidization.
  • Anti-bacterial – reduces harmful bacteria in your hair and scalp that hinders hair growth.
  • Anti-fungal – eliminates fungal spores that are harmful to your hair growth.
  • Anti-inflammatory – Reduces scalp inflammation which damages hair and stunts growth.
  • Supplies nutrition – contains Vitamins B, C, and D as well as crucial Omega acids and other nutrients crucial to healthy hair growth.
  • Natural DHT Blocker – Contains a natural DHT blocker but in the case of male pattern baldness, it is recommended that you also use Saw Palmetto for extra protection.
  • Reduces Sebum – Excess Sebum tends to block hair pores resulting in the “strangulation” of the hair strand and causing hair loss.


Male Pattern Baldness can be prevented, delayed, and reversed with the correct treatment. Why suffer from hair loss and allow your image to be altered, after all, your hair is a very important part of your identity.

If you have any concerns about hair loss then I would suggest that you start to take action today. Do not wait until it is too late.

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