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Reduce Hair Problems

Stop hair falling out

Reduce Itchy Scalp

Increase hair growth

Increase volume and thicken hair

For men or women

Menopause itchy scalp.

Is Your Hair Falling Out?

Hair fall is natural but only to a certain degree. When your hair fall becomes excessive it is no longer natural and action needs to be taken,

Hair loss and hair falling out is something that affects both men and women and is often a traumatizing experience. This can be attributed to poor nutrition, genetics, illness, or even as a side effect of some medications. The onset of menopause has a great effect on hair as well.

Regardless of the cause, hair loss can be devastating and depressing. It negatively impacts your self-esteem and confidence. Every time you wash or brush your hair there is a pile of hair that you collect from the wash basin or shower and from your hair brush.

P133 hair growth stimulant is a completely natural solution for hair loss that helps you get your confidence back. P133 increases blood flow to the scalp so you are able to grow thick, healthy new hair in just a few weeks. It supplies all the correct nutrition that your hair needs to grow back healthy and thicker than ever before.

If you’re tired of losing your hair, give P133 a try today!

Hair fall before and after using P133 hair growth stimulant.
P133 Hair growth stimulant

P133 Hair Growth Product

P133 is an amazing dual-process hair growth stimulant that is 100% natural.

  • Hair grows stronger and faster.
  • Prevents hair fallout
  • Thickens hair
  • Stops itchy scalp
  • Shiny strong hair
  • Improves hair volume

How P133 Works

What is a hair growth stimulant?

A hair growth stimulant refers to a product or supplement that is used to stimulate hair growth on the scalp and improve the look and condition of hair. Some hair growth stimulants are also marketed as anti-hair loss products.

They are used to treat hair loss and promote hair growth in men and women who have insufficient, thin, or slow-growing hair. Good hair growth stimulants have been proven to increase the rate at which hair grows and prevent further hair loss.

Hair structure

Why do the best treatments work on the scalp?

Hair growth stimulants work by feeding the hair root an abundant supply of nutrients and oxygen. Hair health and growth are predominately determined by the nutrition and blood flow to the hair root. In order for hair to grow thicker and stronger, the root has to be healthy and well-fed. New hair growth is stimulated in the scalp by the introduction of increased blood circulation and nutrients to the hair follicle.

P133 is a hair growth stimulant that works by increasing blood circulation and reducing obstacles to new hair growth, as well as strengthening existing hair roots.

When using P133, you will notice an almost immediate improvement in the condition of your hair. Your hair will start to shine and feel lovely and soft.

New hair growth and hair volume increases take a while longer, you can expect noticeable results after about 1month of regular use. Hair growth stimulants are not a miracle cure that will instantly cause a full head of hair but they will gradually improve hair growth and reduce hair fall resulting in a permanent improvement in hair volume and strength.

P133 Ingredients

P133 is a two-part treatment that consists of hair oil that is applied directly to your scalp before you wash your hair. The 2nd part is a hair mist that is applied to your scalp and hair as a mist. It is essential to use both parts to ensure that your hair is fed with the correct nutrients.

Both treatments are applied to your scalp and not necessarily to your hair. The reason for this is that your scalp and hair root is the growth point of your hair. Whatever is fed to your hair root will feed through and show in your hair.

P133 Hair growth oil

P133 Hair Oil Ingredients

Olea Europaea oil (Extra Virgin Olive) – is packed with antioxidants and vitamins A and E, great for hair regrowth. It may reduce DHT and eliminate sebum that hampers hair growth. Locks in moisture.

Black seed (Kalonji) oil – Rich in antioxidants and nutrients such as vitamins B, and C, Calcium, Iron, phosphorus, zinc, and copper. It is clinically proven to improve hair growth.

Vitis Vinifera seed oil (Grape Seed) – This May help prevent dryness and itchy scalp. May block DHT. Could improve hair growth and reduces breakage.

Ricinus communis oil (Castor) – Anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, rich in Vit E, It May increase circulation, strengthen roots, thicken hair, add shine, and reduce hair fall.

Hypericum perforatum (St Johns Wort) – Anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, nourishes and strengthens hair roots.

P133 Hair Mist Ingredients

Cedrus Deodora (Cedar Atlas) – May promote hair growth, treat alopecia areata, improve blood circulation, reduce split ends and breakages, reduce folliculitis, and reduce excess sebum which prevents hair growth.

Rosmarinus Officinalis (Rosemary) – Vasodilator which increases blood circulation and stimulates hair growth by increasing blood flow that feeds nutrients to the hair roots.

Thymus Vulgaris (Thyme) – Contains Vitamin A and C. Stimulates and increases the depth of the hair follicles creating stronger and thicker hair.

Cinnamomum Zeylanicum (Cinnamon) – Rich in Vit C. It may improve circulation, strengthen roots and increase hair density and growth. Vitamin C results in increased collagen formation.

Cinnamomum Cassia (Cassia) – An astringent which may also increase blood circulation, and improve hair strength, growth, and density.

Angelica Officinalis (Angelica) – Rich in Vit E. It may improve circulation and oxygen in the blood resulting in stimulated hair growth and improved hair quality.

P133 hair mist contains powerful essential oils that are very fragrant. The strength of the oils is equal to some well-known perfumes so the use of P133 will result in your hair smelling of perfume.
The pleasant fragrance is woody cedar combined with light tones of cinnamon.

Caution – Should not be used by pregnant or nursing women and by children under the age of 12 years.

P133’s unique 2-part treatment ensures that all common obstacles to increased hair growth and strength are removed and that hair nutrition is boosted which results in improved hair quality and quantity.

You will feel the difference from the very first day of using P133.

Directions for use

P133  Head massage
Gently massage into the scalp

Your scalp will absorb the nutrients needed from the oil. Any excess oil will be washed away when you gently wash your hair. Take care not to mess oil on your clothes when applying.

P133 Oil directions for use

Apply as follows approximately half to one hour before washing your hair. Use the pipette provided to spread a little oil (one to two pipettes full) directly onto your scalp.

Gently massage the oil into your scalp making sure that the oil is worked into all parts of your scalp. It is not necessary to cover your hair with oil – only your scalp. You may experience a slight warming sensation on your scalp. This is due to increased blood circulation.

Gently wash your hair as normal for half to one hour after applying the hair oil.

P133 Mist direction for use

P133 hair mist should be sprayed onto your scalp and left on for extended periods during the day or evening. It is very fragrant with notes of cedar and cinnamon.

Spray a fine mist to wet your scalp. Once your scalp is moist with the mist then gently massage your scalp using your fingers and thumb.

The mist is fairly quick drying. You may feel a warming sensation on your scalp which is due to an increase in blood circulation.

P133 hair mist directions for use


“Every time I washed or brushed my hair I wanted to cry when I saw just how much has fallen out and how thin my hair had become!
I could feel and see the difference from the very first time I used P133. My hair started to shine and feel great.
After 2 weeks I could already notice that my hair fall was drastically reduced
Iryna Grygory’eva

“I felt the difference after the very first use – My hair was so much softer.
Normally my hair elastic is full of hair in the morning. This morning there was no hair, which was super amazing.
Now my hair fall is so much less and my hair is so lovely and soft. I can’t remember when last it felt so great.”
V. Henn

“Wow – P133 is really amazing. I can’t even begin to tell you how much I am loving my hair now.
I have always had thin hair without much volume. However, my hair became so lifeless and dull-looking that it started worrying me. I tried expensive conditioners but they did not help. With just a few applications of P133, my hair had life again.”
Mrs. C Botha

“I just have to share this!
I have been using P133 on my hair for a while and it really is amazing.
My wife
also started using it and is impressed. I notice lately that she is constantly playing with and feeling her hair.
It is as if she has fallen in love with her hair again.”

My Guarantee to you

If you do not see and feel a difference in your hair within the first couple of applications of P133 then I will fully refund your purchase price.

Get yours Now!


Clinical References

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